Bottarga from Bottarga Borealis

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What is Bottarga? Quite simply, it is dried and salted roe from the migratory Skrei Atlantic Cod.

Bottarga from Skrei Cod is savoury, rich, full of umami, funky and subtly salty. It lends itself very well to infusions in oils, butter, and sauces. Most commonly it is used in pasta dishes as a topping.

Bottarga Borealis makes a unique product as most Bottarga is produced in the Mediterranean, typically from the grey mullet fish with a hefty 26% fat content. Skrei cod Bottarga has significantly lower fat content at 3% which allows much more flexibility in preparing leaner dishes and emulsions. One can even make a killer mayo only using our bottarga, boiling water, and oil!

Grated Bottarga on spaghetti with butter and chives. Simplicity and Complexity in one bite – pic from
RM250 – Bottarga Gift Set – Salted and dried skrei cod roe. Whole, smoked, grated and in pearls – pic from

For sale from Norgesfoods is a Gift Set consisting of 4 variations of Skrei Cod Bottarga for RM250. This makes a perfect gift for foodies or chefs looking to experiment with a unique product.

From the main product (salted and dried whole bottarga), 3 variations of Bottarga are derived, namely:

  1. Pre grated Bottarga (Polverale)
  2. Smoked Bottarga (Røykrogn)
  3. Skrei pearls (Caviar substitute similar to vendace roe)
Main product –
100 grams – Whole bottarga. Bottarga Boreale can be sliced or grated and has an excellent shelf life. Try it on pasta with lots of butter!
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45 grams – Conveniently pre-grated bottarga! Sold in a nice box for the consumer market, or in larger vacuumed bags for the HORECA market.
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100 grams – A caviar substitute made from Bottarga Boreale. In taste and texture, it is similar to vendace roe, a highly valued Swedish delicacy.
Try it on toast with plenty of butter, topped with Skreiperle and chives. And a glass of Champagne!
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125 grams – The original bottarga is soaked in salt solution, then smoked with beechwood, then finally dried again and waxed in light blue food grade wax.
This product is named Røykrogn (eng. smoked roe). It is softer in texture with a soft smokiness and a clear roe flavor with a bittersweet finish.
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