Lofoten Seaweed

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  1. Truffle Seaweed Salt – RM75 per jar (60g)
  2. Lofoten Umami – RM75 per jar (40g)
100% handmade – all the way from the ocean to your table –
pic from @lofotenseaweed Instagram

At Norgesfoods, we love working with companies like Lofoten Seaweed. A small, sustainable business with a laser focus on quality and provenance. A little bit goes a long way with their products – just a sprinkling of their gourmet seaweed products elevates any dish (fish, meats, veg) to the next level. It would make a perfect gift as well with its attractive and compact packaging.

Tamara and Angelita from Lofoten Seaweed hard at work! – pic from lofotenseaweed.no

Truffle Seaweed Salt – RM75

RM75 for 60g jar. A unique combination of high-quality Norwegian sea salt with dried trøffeltang (Truffle Seaweed) from Lofoten. Giving a hint of truffle taste to your food, the popular trøffeltang graced the dishes at the 2017 Chef of the Year competition in Norway.  A must try!
Truffle Seaweed in its raw form
pic from @lofotenseaweed Instagram
Truffle seaweed salt!
pic from www.lofotenseaweed.com

Lofoten Umami Sprinkle – RM75

RM75 for 40g jar. Combining the best of both worlds, seaweed and stock fish (cod) from Lofoten, with age-old Japanese food traditions. A tasty all-round sprinkle of seaweed, stock fish, prawns and sesame seeds—suitable for all ages and palates. A healthy alternative to salt and a hearty taste from the sea.
A sprinkling on “Lofoten Umami” goes a long way! Suitable for all ages and palates, it is also a healthy alternative to salt and adds hearty taste from the sea to any dish.

WhatsApp us to order via http://bit.ly/NorgesfoodsOrder

From Lofotenseaweed.no – “As one of the few wild-harvesting companies in Norway, we have a responsibility to protect and look after the marine environment within this unique ecosystem.

We have a duty to make sure our harvesting methods are carried out with minimal impact on marine life. This means harvesting in a sustainable way, causing as little disturbance as possible to our rich marine and terrestrial wildlife.

We harvest only from the cleanest waters in Lofoten. Avoiding areas with potential pollution from farms, harbours, activities or communities.We harvest by hand, ensuring adequate regrowth by cutting the algae high above its attachment to the rocks. “

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