Norgesfoods supplies ultra-fresh and premium Norwegian seafood to Malaysia

- Origin Matters -

Traceability. Cold-Chain Preservation. Sustainability. Transparency. These are the principles Norgesfoods stand for. We supply only products that we and our families consume on a regular basis.

Our flagship product is Frøya sashimi quality salmon. This is delivered to you as fresh as it gets - without direct exposure to the heat and humidity of Malaysia and dubious processing methods. This is a safe and well handled sashimi-ready product - completely processed (without skin and bones) and packed using the latest Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology in Norway. Ramoen Atlantic Cod is air-flown too, under strict deep freeze conditions - filleted and frozen at sea (FAS) with ultra-modern fishing vessels - guaranteed fresher than fresh!

About us

Premium quality seafood - quality guaranteed
"You are what you eat - we must understand the origins of our food"

We love seafood. The founders of Norgesfoods lived in Norway for many years and were disappointed by the freshness (or lack thereof!) of salmon and appalled by the quality and prices of Atlantic Cod in Malaysia, Freshness matters with seafood, and we can ensure you a great quality product. How? By building relationships directly with the best salmon producers and cod fishermen in Norway. By getting the fish to you as quickly as logistically possible. By bypassing the many seafood middlemen, agents and processors in Malaysia. This is also how we keep our prices lower than the competition. Having oversight of our entire cold-chain enables us to guarantee our product's quality.

  • Constant temperature (in degrees celcius) throughout the entire salmon value chain

  • Time (in hours) from salmon harvesting to MAP packed - it is then ready to be air-flown to KLIA

  • Salmon has 14 days shelf life in chilled (not frozen) condition

Our Supplied Brands

Froya Salmon

Sashimi quality salmon

Ramoen atlantic cod

Wild caught norwegian cod

King mikal smoked salmon

award winning smoked salmon from skiftun, norway

Hofseth Trout

Premium Rainbow Trout

How do I order some great seafood?

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