Farmed vs Wild salmon

It is extremely important to educate ourselves about the food we consume. There has been a few enquiries from our customers on whether Froya salmon is farmed or wild. Fresh (never frozen) wild salmon is extremely rare, if at all available, in Malaysia. It is also strongly encouraged to freeze wild salmon before raw consumption due to parasite risks in wild salmon. Farmed salmon however is free of parasites and carefully cultivated to be healthy for human consumption. And with the continued pollution of our seas, we should question the notion that wild fish is healthier for us.

There has also been videos circulating on social media on the safety and ethics surrounding farmed salmon. These allegations are highly one-sided and simply untrue – like any industry there are responsible producers and unethical ones. The Norwegian aquaculture industry is highly regulated – where the pen conditions, feed and medicines are reported regularly and transparently. The farmed vegetables, animals and seafood from Asia are even more questionable with the lack of transparency and enforcement of regulations, particularly with regards to uncontrolled usage of growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Furthermore, Norway exports the bulk of their salmon to the European Union, which has the world’s most stringent food and drug safety standards in the world.

The following 4 articles shed more light on the aquaculture industry of Norway and how great progress has been made to ensure a sustainable and healthy food source for the ever growing population of our planet.

Link 1 – The truth about Norwegian farmed salmon

Link 2 – Environmental pollutants in wild salmon vs farmed salmon

Link 3 – Facts about farmed salmon

Link 4 – European Union feedback on salmon feed




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