organic honey from Snillbie

Organic Honey from Snillbie

Organic Norwegian Honey (certified by Debio, independent Norwegian certification for organic foods) RM90 for 250g jar Main flower is Heather, but also some blueberry and raspberry Rich, creamy, unique flavour Single source, one farm, not mixed and blended with other sources One beekeeper, family owned and operated 3km radius around farm with no industry, no Read more about Organic Honey from Snillbie[…]

Coldwater Prawns (Pandalus Borealis)

CLICK HERE TO ORDER FACT 1 – ALL prawns from Asia are either farmed, or caught in relatively polluted shallow tropical waters. FACT 2 – Laws governing use of animal feeds and antibiotics by farmers are sometimes overlooked. As a result, farmers feed their animals and fish stocks with uncontrolled substances which in turn may Read more about Coldwater Prawns (Pandalus Borealis)[…]